Using Skype for Global Communication

Skype is a virtual communication application that allows users to exchange communication instantly through text of video. It allows users to use instant messaging, video conferencing, file transferring for free. It is possible to also make telephone calls through your computer to a land line phone using Skype for a fee.

Since video conferencing and messages consisting of text are free this is an amazing opportunity for teachers and students to connect with other students and classrooms around the world. This could lead to opportunities for having penpals online or through mail along with individual or whole class video conferences. Students from other schools can have a lot to offer and share with other students whether they're from the same country or other countries.

Since I am hoping to one day have a bilingual classroom of my own I would love to use Skype to connect with students and teachers from various Hispanic countries. My goal with this would be to further my students' biculturism and bilingualism while also learning more about their and their classmate's native cultures from first hand sources.

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  1. Christina,
    I hope you get a chance to see your ideas come to fruition.
    Dr. Burgos