Ways To Use Blogs in the Classroom

After reading Chapters 1-3 of our textbook I was amazed at the different ways Blogs and the Internet as a whole could be integrated into EVERYTHING done in the classroom. Reading this made me feel like I wanted to start apply for every grant possible in order to get a classroom set of laptops for my students. After the book referred to how blogs could be used to meet all 12 of the ELA standards I was furiously taking notes about how to apply this in a classroom setting (which I've recently interviewed for!!!!)

Thinking ahead to having a classroom of 30 students of my own (instead of 450 students) I think that I would:

1) Read articles on-line on topics that interest them and make reactions, reflections, and summarize what they read.
- This allows students to choose something they are interested in will make them more likely to complete the assignment and creates interest in them to know more about a topic.
- By asking students to write about what they read covers to major aspects of the ELA standards (reading/writing) as well as requiring them to think.
2) Create an on-line book club where students could reflect and ask questions about what they read.
- I think this would be great for students to post their thoughts, reflections, favorite parts, and questions they might have. Allowing classmates to respond to each other keeps the teacher from just "giving the answer" when students ask questions. In this way students are interacting with one another and "teaching" each other.
3) Connect with a classroom in another part of the country or world (electronic penpals)
- I think writing is such as important part of life that any way we can promote writing and encourage students to write for pleasure (as well as school assignments) will give them practice and get them excited about the various purposes and audiences used in writing.
- Helping students to connect with other students from around the world allows them to practice their writing skills while also helping them to be more open to making new friends, learning about new cultures, and experiencing new avenues of communication.


  1. I hope that your job interview turns into a successful job where you will have your own classroom and be able to put all of these ideas into practice.
    I's love to know how you put the little boxes for reactions in your blog and why my cursor turns into a little monkey when I'm on your blog site.

    Dr. Burgos

  2. I got the monkey when I was browsing the web looking for widgets and came across it. I believe you could find it just by searching "monkey cursor" in google and I added it as a gadget using the "html gadget".
    The "boxes" where you can rate my blog is thru blogger. When you add a new blog (or edit one) it's one of the options that you check a box for and then you can write the descriptive words you would like although they give you suggestions.

  3. Try webfetti.com for neat new backgrounds, the monkey at the bottom of my page, the family "sticker", and the monkey cursor.

  4. Hi Mrs. Feliz,

    Your blog is so neat. I am not very experienced with blogs but I think I am going to have to do some more exploring to make mine look as sweet as yours. Your little Mother's day present is soooo adorable. This must be a really exciting time for you! Good luck with your interview!!!


  5. I think it is so exciting to go on to the blog and read comments from people in our class!!! I was so excited...corny!! To answer your question I actually am just in school right now so I am not using the blog for teaching but I think I definitely would use blogs some day!!

  6. Hi Christina - I, too, was going to ask how I could get a little monkey cursor - so cute! Your blog is very impressive; it's obvious you have put time and thought into it and that you are tech savvy. The drawings of your husband and daughters are adorable. When you get your own classroom, I can tell you will be creative and really encourage your students to express themselves in a variety of ways. I teach at Buff State in the teacher prep department. I would be very excited to have one of our teacher candidates demonstrate the type of creativity and enthusiasm that you have shown. Good luck on your quest for a job; I firmly believe that good things happen to good people! Kathy

  7. Hi Christina

    I really love your second idea for blogs in the classroom! It gave me the idea to look for on-line book clubs for adults...I'm sure they are out there somewhere! (It is just a matter of finding time to pick up a book for leisure reading!)

    Oh, and thanks for the website for backgrounds...I can't wait to check it out!