Interesting Educational Blog

So I have been trying to get ahead and I am now waiting to continue with Mod 6 about using microblogging and more specifically "Twitter". Although I have signed up for the website I am at a total loss for how to "make it work".

While searching around for blogs to add to my blogroll I came across a blog called "The Tech-Savvy Teacher". Since I added this website to my blogroll I haven't had any interest to go back and see what's new on this website...until today. The first post I see on the page is called "Getting Twitter..." Right away this caught my attention since I don't understand what to do with my Twitter account. Reading this blog didn't make me understand Twitter much better but it DID rouse my interest more in learning about it since it talks about all of the organizations, etc. that use Twitter to pass along new information. I couldn't believe that I can use Twitter to find out about new laws, etc.

Now I am very excited to learn how this resource works and hopefully find a way to incorporate it into my classroom or at least my list of resources as an educator!


  1. Twitter is one of those toys that a lot of us use and still are not sure why.

    I think it would have become more widely accepted had it been hyped a tad less than it had been (and if it had not had security issues early on).

    Cute baby!

  2. Hi Christina - I'm so jealous that you are up to Mod 6 already - good for you! I'm curious to follow your blog and hear more thoughts about Twitter. I've signed up but haven't really gotten much further than that.

    Thanks so much for responding to my e-mail earlier, but it looks like I can get back on your blog to comment and follow. Thank you for whatever it was that you did!

    Will check back to hear Twitter feedback - Kathy

  3. Christina,
    Personally I have mixed feellings about the usefulness of Twitter. I think it makes a big difference who or what organizations you follow on Twitter. I'll be interested to see what you think after using it a while.
    Dr. Burogs