"Tweet Tweet"

Well Twitter is turning out to be a very enjoyable experience. Let's just say it's gets more enjoyable the more you use it, the more people you follow, and the more common interests you have with the people you "Tweet" with. I have met some great educators on Twitter.com and have enjoyed checking my account multiple times daily to see what new ideas they have written about.
I feel that by networking with the "right people" (and by that I mean other educators with similar interests) I could really benefit from this Twitter experience. I have been involved in conversations with many educators from Buffalo which has been fun even though we do not teach the same subjects or grade levels. I like that I can ask questions or put ideas "out there" for others to answer or comment about. I feel that I have already met some very influential people that really enjoy what they do and could be a great resource for me.
At the same time I was appalled at some of the posts I saw today when searching for a particular grade level. I would like to meet teachers that I could connect with if I get this new position and couldn't believe the language I saw some of them using and the topics they chose to write about.
One thing I wish I saw more of on this site was bilingual teachers. I know there aren't too many of us, but I would love to connect with others that have the same passion that I do.
I am looking forward to networking more with individuals that love teaching and could share ideas that would be useful to me in my own classroom.

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  1. Christina,
    Have you thought of checking with NABE to see if the organization has a Twitter account or if you could find other bilingual teachers who tweet through posting a note to their listserv?
    Dr. Burgos