Using Videos in the Classroom

I frequently use videos in the classroom in order to show my students science concepts or to just interest them in a topic. I frequently use to show small clips during science.

When thinking about transitioning to the regular classroom I have already begun to wonder how I will be able to incorporate videos about topics such as Math or English. Using I was actually able to find a Math video, called "Permieter Rap" that I would definitely use in my own classroom. This video is of a teacher doing a rap about perimeter and area. I think this song would be a memorable learning experience for my students and would also give them a change of pace from listening to me drone on about perimeter means add and area means multiply. I think has become one of my newest favorite resources.


  1. Christina,
    What is the link to that video?
    Dr. Burgos

  2. I have added it to the post. Click on Perimeter Rap